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Tripura is the state in India. The state capital is Agartala. A landlocked state, Tripura's geography is characterized by several north-south laid parallel hill ranges with intervening valleys, and plain in the western part of the state. It was known as "Hill Tippera" during the British rule in India. Tripura has several diverse ethno-linguistic groups, which has given rise to a composite culture.

Tripura has a rich cultural heritage of music, fine arts, handicrafts and dance. Dances are performed during Goria Puja. Some famous places in the state are Ujjayanta Palace, Kunjaban Palace, exquisite rock-cut carvings and stone images the most well known being the Unakoti and Debatamura and famous temples such as Mata Tripureswari Temple, Fourteen Goddess Temple.

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City Description

Agartala is the capital as well as the largest city of the Indian state of Tripura. Agartala is a component of two words, namely "Agar", a kind of oily valuable perfume tree, + suffix "tala", a store house. Agartala lies on the bank of the Haora River. Agartala is famous for beautiful palaces, monuments, temples and handicrafts. It has a rich past too. The monuments here are stunning reminders of the glorious past of Agartala.
Agartala (West Tripura), Tripura, India
Agartala (West Tripura)
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Dhalai (Ambassa), Tripura, India
Dhalai (Ambassa)
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Gomati (Udaipur), Tripura, India
Gomati (Udaipur)
Tour to Khowai
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Khowai, Tripura, India
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North Tripura (Dharmanagar), Tripura, India
North Tripura (Dharmanagar)
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Sepahijala (Bishramganj), Tripura, India
Sepahijala (Bishramganj)
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South Tripura (Belonia), Tripura, India
South Tripura (Belonia)
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Unakoti (Kailashahar), Tripura, India
Unakoti (Kailashahar)
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